Turf Supplies in Brisbane

We all know what a difference a beautiful lawn can make to our homes. In the past the only way of achieving a new lawn instantly was to buy the turf and then to lay it yourself or pay a professional to lay it for you. Purchasing the turf was never a problem with turf supplies in Brisbane being plentiful, but it was always pricey with firstly having to buy the turf and then the cost of getting it delivered and then the extra cost of getting it laid. Even if you didn’t pay for a professional to lay it and you did it yourself, there was the time and energy it took to do this. Even now, while using turf can give you an instant lawn, there is another way to very quickly grow a strong and beautiful lawn using what is called hydro spray grass or hydro seeding (hydro mulching).

Anybody who is in the process of searching for turf supplies in the Brisbane area and about to take on the task of having a lawn laid on your property, hydro spray grass will provide the perfect solution for you and will save you a lot of money and time. The end product will still be a beautiful lawn within five weeks from start to finish.

A mixture of “A” grade grass seeds, water, fertilizers, and mulch fibre is mixed together and sprayed at high pressure through a hose directly onto the bare earth at the correct thickness where you would like your beautiful new lawn to grow. It is then left to dry and that is it – all you are required to do from then on is to water it occasionally and sit back and watch your lawn grow, and because the whole process uses less water than establishing turf, you will also be saving money and helping the environment as well! It is truly an amazing cost effective product!

If you require any further information please contact Nathan Magnus on 0438 737 794