CALL HYDRO SPRAY GRASS – Don’t Buy it Grow it !

Hydro Spray Grass is a company set up to offer a professional hydromulch service. We specialize in area sizes from 100m2 and happily and efficiently work up to a couple of hectares.

The price is calculated per square metre and becomes less per square metre as the area size increases.

  • We are perfect for any suburban size block we’ll help you green up your front or back yard. – NEW LAWN FAST AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF TURF.
  • We are the ideal solution for economically grassing those larger acre blocks where the idea of laying turf to say 2000m2 of hillside is costly to the extreme.
  • Hydro Spray Grass is a quick and effective way to stabilize an area of bare dirt and turn it into grassland.
  • Projects such as newly reshaped house blocks where the land is all exposed dirt can be made green using Hydro Spray Grass.
  • Any dust or potential mud problem for neighbors and Councils is easily and cheaply fixed using Hydro Spray Grass as erosion control.

Services by Hydro Spray Grass


A cheaper alternative to turf – Apply a layer of Hydromulch to bare dirt. Perfect for any shape or size lawns, on any type of land flat or sloping. Places such as dam walls, hill sides, terraces of your front or back yard.


This is like hydromulching but without the thickness of the mulch component. It is a spray of water mixed with tackifier ( Glue ) seed, fertilizer, and dye. It is very cheap to apply but not as effective as a full hydromulch. Still there are applications for it.

Erosion Control:

Hydromulch can be adjusted in viscosity to cling to very steep batters. Instant erosion control for keeping the dirt in place so it will not be a dust hazard and preventing loss of dirt to rain fall. NOTE: It will be disturbed by heavy or very large rain falls. It is not a replacement for concrete so keep this in mind.

Lawn rejuvenation:

If your lawn has been dug up or you have had some home renovations and the lawn has been damaged , or even if your lawn is just tired and showing bald spots, then hydromulch can help.

What do we do? And how do we do it?


All we need to know is where you are and what size area you wish to grass.

We can advise on the best sort of preparation that may be needed, in many cases you don’t need to do anything. Bare loose dirt is all we need.

The unique Hydromulch equipment arrives to your site and after making some last minute adjustments to the consistency of the mix we start spraying a layer of hydromulch over the dirt. In most cases the operator will be using a large hose to deliver the hydromulch treatment to the exact areas you need. This means there is very little overspray or mess around your house walls or fences.

The hydromulch is a layer a couple of milimetres thick that caps the soil and holds the grass seed and nutrients in place. It will dry in an hour and then you can start watering whenever you wish – You can wait till next year if you wish. No problem.

This is a special quality with hydromulch, it allows you to water it small sections at a time. You do not have to water it all at once.

Water it as per the time you have and the water you have available – a watering schedule that can fit in with you.

Service Areas

Hydro Spray Grass will service as far south as Tweed and as far north as the Sunshine Coast – from Manley to the Scenic Rim – we’ll come to you.

The minimum area size for in and around Brisbane is 100m2.

We service closer to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for a minimum area size of 250m2

We are happy to service areas further away there may be a travel fee for these for e.g Toowoomba.