Domestic & Residential Lawn Hydromulching

Hydromulching is less expensive than dry seeding, and it produces a better result quicker. The protective mulch cover that is green will be applied to your new lawn.

Hydro seed will be blended to suit the specific conditions of your region. The weather conditions and the consistency of the watering will determine the time it takes for the seeds to germinate. To keep young seeds alive, it is important to water them.

Hydromulch contains fertiliser mixed into it to provide nutrients for young seedlings. However, you will still need to apply slow-release fertilizer monthly until your lawn is established. After that, you can reduce fertilizer applications to approximately 4 times per year, in conjunction with weed management.

Hydromulching your lawn is a simple process that makes it easy to maintain. Regular watering, mowing, and feeding are all that’s required. It is very important to water the seedlings for 21 days. Otherwise, they will die.

Pre-Hydromulching Check & Prep

A healthy lawn is only possible if you prepare well.

  • Good quality soil should be at least 100mm deep. Anything less will result in a substandard root structure which will make it difficult to establish roots. Your grass will not grow if the soil is too compacted, or roots can’t penetrate the surface.
  • To determine if your soil needs to be treated during the preparation phase of Hydromulching, it is a good idea to have the soil analysed by a technician.
  • To avoid water ponding, ensure that your site has drainage.
  • For best results with hydro mulching, your soil should be lightly scarified.