After Care

Trouble Shooting

Grass not growing

Why: Not enough water is most likely.
Solution: Increase the watering periods. Every 3 hours for the first week. Just don’t let the area dry out.

OR. The ground is too hard. This can happen even after the Hydromulch has been sprayed. Walk carefully to the area and break up the ground with a pick. Then water it again. Things should start to grow.

Growing Slow

Why: Temperature may too cool. Too little or too much water.
Solution: Be patient. Increase the watering times. If too much water and its boggy, then cut down on the water.


Grass is only sparsely growing

  • Preparation of site is usually at fault. Likely that the soil depth is not deep enough in parts, or the ground is compact and too hard, the result is stunted growth. Bring in more soil and respray.
  • Drainage may be a problem and thus consult a landscaper to fix drainage problem.
  • PH level of soils could be too high or too low. After a soil analysis, suggested soil additives may have to be spread over the area.
  • The weather may be a bit cold and thus delaying the growth timing.

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