Spray Grass – New lawn fast at a fraction of the Cost of Turf.


Brisbane company HydroSprayGrass provides hydromulching, hydroseeding, erosion control Lawn rejuvenation, and drought resistant grass Solutions

A fresh new approach

Hydro Spray Grass can give you a new lawn and you will save big dollars. Historically, there has only been one way to grass an area, by buying then laying turf. Now there is another and far cheaper way, a Hydromulching application by HYDRO SPRAY GRASS!

Hydro Spray Grass is ideal for times of Water Restrictions. See the ‘Drought‘ page for more information on how to work with level 5 water restrictions and still grow new grass.

Commercial Hydromulching

Hydro Spray Grass is a company set
up to offer a professional
hydromulch service

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Residential Hydromulching

Hydro Spray Grass is a quick and
effective way to stabilize an area of
bare dirt and turn it into grassland.

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There are 4 great ways that Hydro Spray Grass can be used to help you.

First: A whole new lawn. From bare dirt to a sea of green in around 5 weeks.

Second: A patch up of a ruined piece of lawn. This can easily happen if your lawn has been damaged by heavy machinery or the removal of some large obstruction over your lawn leaving a bare patch

Third: Lawn rejuvenation. Your lawn may be thin and tired looking. Hydro Spray Grass can be sprayed in a specially thinned mix over your existing lawn. New grass will germinate and grow and thicken your lawn to a rich soft lawn to be proud of.

Fourth: Erosion Control. This is over steep banks or road batters. Instead of cut-outs around roads or near houses being bare dirt and subject to erosion, a spray by Hydro Spray Grass, can check any potential damage by wind or rain and with some assistance by you, grow grass or shrubs.


What Does It Cost?


Prices for a beautiful Couch lawn start as low as $3.00 per metre and get lower as the area to spray gets bigger.

What Hydro Spray Grass does NOT COST is:

  • Extra money for delivery
  • Extra time, money, or work to lay it down.
  • Its as simple as you call and we come to your place and spray. All you have to do is water it.
  • Remember: You use far less water to install a lawn this way than you do laying Turf. Or even by planting the grass by hand.

Why Use Hydro Spray Grass

1. Our Mix

Our mix is a careful blending of A grade Grass Seed, mulch fibre, fertilizers, tactifier, and water to form a thick Homogeneous slurry called Hydromulch and this is sprayed onto your topsoil at high pressure at just the right thickness. Professional work by an experienced Hydromulching company.

2. Instant Protection

It forms a protective layer over the soil about 3mm thick that dries a few hours after application. Your expensive topsoil is now secured from being washed or blown away. In fact, the Brisbane City Council as well as most other councils around the world, recommend this type of hydromulching application to protect against erosion of exposed soils.

The Way it Works

Using our special machine, the ingredients of Hydro Spray Grass are mixed together then pumped through this hose. Hydro Spray Grass is sprayed (sometimes called hydromulching) at high pressure over the ground where you want the grass to grow. Ideal preparation gives a surface that is not too dry and not too damp. The top layer of dirt mixes with the Hydro Spray Grass and it all binds together to form a protective layer over the soil.

You then let it dry, (or set) then when it has hardened it is ready to water. Only water as per directions, you do not need too much, and in no time at all you will have your new lawn.

For ongoing care – contact our recommended lawn care partner – True Green
True Green



Check out some of our frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have a specific issue.

The cost varies depending on the size of the area that needs to be covered. The larger the area the cheaper per square metre it is to hydro-mulch. In nearly all cases it is cheaper to hydromulch and hydroseed than it is to lay turf.

Probably the most important thing is the depth of soil.  Even if it is not great soil quality if it is deep enough ( over 200mm) and grass can access moisture then you are in a good spot.  Grass really likes sandy soil and even gravel like base.  Yet sand lets the water drain away too quick and if you don’t have constant rain this can be a problem.  The best mix is a soil comprising of sand and under turf as this will hold water and nutrient.

Yes.  The most common grass for Qld is Couch.  It is probably one of the most versatile grasses you could use and also the most forgiving, durable and economic.  Other grasses often used are a Broad Blade grass called Regal Kikuyu.  We always get asked to spray a broad leaf grass like Sir Walter and this is what we have in that style of grass.  There are also other grasses such as Zoysia and special hybrid Couches.

Yes.  We often spray Native grass as requested as well as being able to include Native Trees and Shrubs.  Just be aware that native species are expensive and will take a long time to germinate as compared to a regular cover of known grasses.  How long?  Sometimes over a year.

No, but if you want it grow it needs water!  It can sit, protecting the ground from erosion for about 2 years.  If there is no water it will just sit and wait.  Then when the right weather conditions happen or you set up irrigation the grass will start to germinate.  Then follow the instructions to maintain the growth to maturity.

The amount of water depends on the weather conditions and the type of soil you have.  You can not put a figure on the amount of water to give it as weather and soil determine this and you have to work with these two important items.  Generally you will use less water in winter and if the soil holds water.  The rule of thumb is to ensure that the ground stays damp all day long and does not dry out.  Keep this up for 2 weeks and you should be fine.

Nature is never even especially when you start from nothing.  The first development of grass will always be thicker in some spots and spartan in others.  There are many reasons for this so do not worry.  After the initial germination the development will even out as the grass matures.

For people in the city that get Hydromulch, you have to realise that you are now a farmer until your grass is mature then you are the gardener.  Thus you have to work with nature and not think that you can control or change it.  Hydromulch is NOT magic.  It needs water and care to grow into lawn.  If the grass is left to dry out it may die in the important early stages.  Just like farmers you have to be aware of weather conditions and work with them.  This is very important in the first two weeks.

Rain is a blessing and overcast and drizzle weather for 3 days is the equivalent of 2 weeks of irrigation.  So if it rains then sing and dance.  If you get a real downpour in the first week you most likely will have a little damage but it is always looks worse than it really is and we always recommend you call us and let us know your situation.

No this would be impossible, but we will do all we can to help you with any questions or concerns.  We want you to have a great lawn so we are always here to talk to if you have any questions. We have helped so many people over the last 20 years so so not feel frightened of growing your own lawn. Now just like a farmer you are growing living things so success means patience, understanding, and knowing that nature can come with surprises that are out of your control.

Yes we are experts in both Commercial and Residential applications.  Very often Commercial requirements are different to that of Residential.  Over 20 plus years of Hydromulch application we know how to conform to the requirements of council or other regulatory authorities.

Hydromulch is the full treatment with lots of nutrient and best of all, a protective mulch layer to hold the grass seed and nutrient together.  Hydroseeding is only seed with water and some binder.  This seed is exposed to all weather, and birds and is very vulnerable.  Recommended that hydroseeding is for large areas when you are confident of favourable weather coming.