Results of Hydromulching in Brisbane

Prepared Lawn

This is a good example of a lawn area that has been prepared for spraying. Note that it is not all flat. A good lawn does not have to be all flat. It can and should have character. Note also that the lawn has a good solid and planed edge put around it. This is a good idea to set your lawn off and maintain boundaries between lawn and garden.


Result in 4 weeks

This is 4 weeks after hydromulch spray grass was applied. With correct watering you should expect a lush growth from the cover grass very quickly and you should mow it with good sharp mower blades as soon as it gets to ankle height. Gary watered this correctly and it has grown very well, but, as you can see from the height it would be best to mow it before it gets this high.

Ready for Spraying

This house was prepared well, with a good coverage of clean soil and no weeds. Spraying takes no time and with the right care it will grow nice and lush and even.

This is an important set of photos below. The first shows the job being started, and the second shows the resilience of Hydromulch (on flat land) after it was hit by a heavy rain storm 2 days after application.  I advised the home owner that all was good and to continue to water the area as directed.

The 3rd image is the lawn 4 months after the Hydromulch was sprayed down.  The owner has watered it correctly then removed any weeds that grew and his care has produced this.  🙂