Hydromulching in Brisbane is Easy With Hydrospray Grass

Do you want your bare lawn turn into a sea of green in just a few weeks? Re-vegetate or beautify your large home block with a neat and even cover? Or do you need a quick and effective solution to your soil erosion problem? Then you need the services of a top company expert in hydromulching in Brisbane. You need Hydro Spray Grass.
Our hydromulching services guarantee:

  • Drought-resistant grass solution.
  • Solution to drought and tough water restrictions.
  • Instant earth cover and protection
  • The most effective and fastest soil erosion measure
  • Best results,
  • Customer satisfaction, and
  • Big savings

The best thing about hydromulching by Hydro Spray Grass is that after application, the area can be left untouched for however long until water is available. You do not need to water it immediately unlike with turf. This will save you a remarkable amount of water. The seeds in the mulch will remain dormant and be held in place and just wait for the right conditions to germinate and grow. This is turn will save you a lot of time and effort.

Also, a few hours after application, you will not have any more problems with the wind blowing dust and dirt away since the top layer of dirt mixes with the hydro mulch and forms a crust about 5mm thick. This holds the grass seed in place while retaining moisture in the earth.

So whether you need to rejuvenate your thin and tired-looking lawn, cover a large space with high quality grass, or end soil erosion in your area,  give us a call at (07) 3356-2253, and experience hydromulching from the best