Grass Seed Planting in Brisbane

Up until now, if you wanted to establish a lawn on your property and you didn’t want to use turf, then the only option open to you was to purchase grass seed and physically plant the seeds yourself. I know from personal experience how time consuming this could be as the ground had to be prepared first and then scattering the seeds could be very “hit and miss” as if you happened to miss a spot the seeds grew through in patches or clumps and the whole area ended up looking messy. Also purchasing the correct seeds could be a bit tricky too as a lot of the products on the market are designed for cooler climates – where as the grass seed in Brisbane needs to be suited to a warmer climate.

Luckily there is now a much quicker, easier, and cheaper way of obtaining that beautiful lawn. It is called Hydro Spray Grass or Hydro Seeding as it is also known. A special machine is used to mix all the ingredients into a thick hydromulch, and these ingredients comprise of grass seed (only A grade is used) water mulch fibre and fertilizers. Next the hydromulch is pumped at high pressure through a tube directly onto the bare soil in the required area. Here it mixes with the top soil and this creates a protective layer. Then it’s left to dry and after that all it requires from you is occasional watering – it’s as easy as that. It will take round about five weeks until you have a beautiful lawn.

For any information you require on this truly amazing product, please call Nathan Magnus on 0438 737 794.