Drought and Water Restrictions

The use of Hydro Spray Grass is one way of working with the new tough water restrictions.

The big difference between Hydro Spray Grass and Turf is –


How this helps in these times of water restrictions is that the Hydro Spray Grass will:

1. Immediately cover and protect the earth from becoming a problem due to erosion. It will keep the top soil from washing or blowing away. (This is a council approved method of erosion control.)

2. Be fine to be left untouched for however long until water is available. The main point is that the seeds in the mulch will remain dormant and held in place, waiting for the right conditions to germinate and grow.

Both these sites show the Hydro Spray Grass covering the ground under and around trees. The areas are now seeded and as the mulch is enriched with nutrients it will assist growth of young plants.


When the times are tough and drought brings water restrictions then you have to use the precious little water available to its best.

Level 5 restrictions in South East Queensland mean that you are able to water for 1 hour every day for the first 2 weeks from application.

These are my tips.

1. Use the water wisely and grow only as much as the available water will cover to make germination possible.

2. Concentrate on an area that you can realistically keep damp. This will germinate the seeds more successfully than giving insufficient water. The great thing about Hydro Spray Grass is that it can lay as dry cover over the soil until water is added. For example, if you had 500 m2 sprayed you only need to water a smaller part, like 200 m2, and leave the rest until rain or other water becomes available.

3. New young grass will nearly always sprout in patches first. Work with this. This is nature taking advantage of the best areas first. Keep these patches going strongly and encourage them to spread and join with other patches by watering the outer edges of the patches till they all join up. (This can be done with water from a bucket.)

4. Use second hand water whenever possible. It’s easy to hook up the Washing Machine to empty its water onto the lawn. You will develop good root systems by giving the new grass a good drink with this method. Yes, it may produce a lawn that has large circles of green grass, but over a time you will work these together. Remember, that mature grass grows much better with a long drink once every couple of weeks than several light sprinkles.

5. Get a water tank. Its a fact of life now in Australia. Water is getting to be a rare commodity and it is wise to gather all the rain (free water) we can and use it any way we can.

6. Use wetting agents in the soil or add ‘Water Crystals’ to the soil to assist in holding more water in the soil for longer. Hydro Spray Grass offers the addition of Water Crystals or ‘Water Polymers’ to the mix to greatly assist in holding more water closer to the seed during the initial stages. These crystals continue to work in the soil for years to come.