About landscape designs in Brisbane

landscape design brisbane

There is no doubt about it, landscaping your garden can add quite substantial value to your property. There is so much involved in landscaping from initial design to the choosing of materials, correct soil, plants, reticulation, type of lawn, paving, water features and so the list goes on. Whatever design you have in mind for your landscape you will be able to get any of the materials you require from any of the outlets that sell landscape supplies in Brisbane

If you are about to embark on this venture yourself, I would like to tell you about an amazing product that could end up saving you a heap of money and hard work and that can only be good can’t it? So, the decision to incorporate lawn into your design can give you a few options to choose from. This is where the product I mentioned before comes into its own.

It is called Hydro Spray Grass and as the name implies –  “A” grade grass seeds are mixed together with fertilizers, mulch fibre and water, and the resulting mulch is pumped and sprayed at high pressure directly onto the soil. Once it has dried it has formed a protective layer on the soil and apart from having to water it occasionally – that’s all you have to do. In a matter of four to five weeks the area will be transformed into beautiful lawn. One of the advantages of this is it doesn’t matter what shape or size the area in your landscape is- with the Hydro Spray Grass there is no fiddly cutting and shaping the turf to get it to fit – the area is just sprayed.

Another advantage to using this product is that there are no hidden costs – you will know exactly how much it is going to cost – no delivery fees as there is with turf. You will be saving on your water usage too as only occasional watering is required.

To conclude, remember to do your homework on lawn type and the method of growing it when planning a modern landscape design for your home. Hydro spray grass will not only be cost effective but provide a strong lawn ready to mow in 5 weeks. It is the perfect lawn consideration in any landscape design, whether it be domestic or commercial in nature.

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